“Going Vegan, Southern Style”

My New Years resolution this year is to go vegan. This blog will contain recipes adapted from traditional southern cuisine as well some Asian fusion and tropical flavors. I am going from a full on meat laden diet to a vegan diet.  The one advantage that I have in my arsenal is that 15 years ago I went vegetarian for a year. This was back when the options were very limited and everything was not available in the supermarkets. After looking around my local supermarkets, I am seeing the same scenario playing out in my current location.

I just made a trip to LA hoping to taste some fantastic local vegan delights but found the availability there just as limited. I think if I had more than three days, I might have found many local venues for vegan foods.  I have been in the vegan transition now for 17 days. Not only has my palate become more accustomed to eating foods that contain more fiber and nutrients, but my heartburn has all but gone away. I am drinking more water and have completely cut out the coffee in the morning substituting green or black tea for morning eye opener.

I am still struggling with finding proper substitutes for the dairy and egg products I am accustomed to using in my cooking. I will be doing much research to finding substitutes  that I can prepare in my home rather than purchasing the already made product in the stores. This area does not embrace eating healthy and is full of fried selections and overcooked greens. So the challenges will be many as I make my transition. Many do not understand the term vegetarian, let alone vegan, but that has never been an issue for me  to overcome.

Please join me on my journey in food exploration as completely remove the meat and dairy from diet. It has already made a major difference for me and as your palate becomes cleaner, the flavors of the food becomes more intense and lovely.


2 thoughts on ““Going Vegan, Southern Style”

    • So you like the new format:) I thought this one needed to be a little more edgy then the last one. I will writing about my trip to the Pascagoula health food store today.

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