Vrazel’s has two vegetarian entrees!

Tuesday night was a late evening for us, so when I finished with my meeting, my husband drove us to Vrazel’s restaurant in Gulfport. The atmosphere is white tablecloth, which means excellent service. Our waitress Shannon did an excellent job attending to our needs. Vrazel’s is a pretty much a landmark restaurant on the Gulf Coast. They mainly specialize in Steaks, seafood and chicken entrees. I had to go to the “From the Garden” section to find something that would be suitable. I had their garden vegetable linguine. It was wonderful, with the exception of the hard ends of asparagus that should not have been served on the plate. The broccoli and sun-dried tomatos enhanced the dish. Their bread was awesome. It was a beautifully done french loaf with a nice crusty exterior and feathery light interior. I probably ate too much of the bread before dinner, because I was really full when dinner came to the table.

I will be perusing some restaurants in the area to see where we can eat. I will try to start a listing with their menu items and make a guide to fellow vegans in the area.


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