Reversing Diabetes through the Vegan Diet

Well, my A1c is up again and I am checking my glucose levels on a schedule to see where it is going. I have been to a dietician who has given me a pamphlet on the ADA diet and lowered my calories to a 1000 a day. With no meat, dairy or eggs I should not have to deprive myself on minimal calories to lose the 10-15 pounds on my frame that may be causing the rise in A1c. I am getting a second opinion from an internal medicine doctor on Monday as this same diagnosis from my current doctor turned out to be a misdiagnosis last year. I think Dr. Barnard has the right idea and the test analysis to back up his claims.

It is really getting modern medicine to look more into holistic methods of curing disease rather than the constant reliance on the pharmecuetical companies for the answers.
I can tell you that even with the challenge of finding food outside of my house at restaurants, I would not change my eating habits now. I feel healthier and I have more energy. Something to ponder anyway.

I will get back to writing more in my blog in the coming days as I have taken a little break from writing lately. I will be also adding some new recipes along the way as I am discovering new ways to put these vegan meals together that are wonderful to the taste buds.


2 thoughts on “Reversing Diabetes through the Vegan Diet

    • It is nice to know that there are so many vegans out there. As a minority in the food world, our eating lifestyle gets slammed by the media all the time. Don’t you agree? As the vegan movement becomes less political and leans more to the mainstream in making the dishes more appeasing to the meat eaters, there will be more converts. I know I will never return to a carnivorous diet again.

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