“Dining on Disney Favorites”

I bought a cookbook from Disney while in Orlando in August. One of those 4 day weekends where you drive 2 days and enjoy 2 days in the park. We stayed at the Shades of Green and had passes to the park for visiting one park a day. The girls had the passes that let you park jump and that was a blessing because they were gone from dusk to dawn pretty much the two days we were there.

I found this cookbook at one of the stores on Main Street Disney. It is the most amazing cookbook. It has the most popular items and the recipes from the park chefs with a great variety to even please a vegan. I have been making some of the recipes from the cookbook and my family loves them. The french toast is awesome. I did the lamb chops with the white beans for my husband, I used tofu to top mine. I also did the Thai Noodle bowl with coconut crusted tofu. My husband could not stop eating it.

As much as I would like to convert everyone to my vegan diet, I know that is impossible. So I have small victories when I can with my family and friends. I am of the belief if the food is spiced and prepared well, there will be no complaints even from die hard carnivores. But you do have to take the time to prepare and taste it as you are cooking. My only chef training has come from Culinary Institute texbook which I bought from the bookstore several years ago. I have also taken some hands-on-training from some local chefs in Idaho when we lived there. Chef Darling (that is his last name) taught me all my knife skills. He was a Research and Development Chef for one of the french fry manufacturers there and did the taste profile for McDonalds French Fries.

Now that I have sampled the recipes in the Disney Chefs cookbook it is time to veganize them and put them up on the blog for you all to enjoy. 

Just a note: Still have to travel to Whole Foods on Magazine Street in New Orleans  to get most of my vegan resources as my local market does not really cater to alternate eating styles very well.


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