“Shady’s” Government Street Ocean Springs

Shady’s in Ocean Springs has changed up its menu to offer a lot of vegan combinations.  We went there on Wednesday night after our appointment to sign some legal paperwork for setting our wills and trusts. It was not very crowded, but the atmosphere was buzzing as it always is during the later dinner hour.  We sat at a table by the window for two and watched the crowd slowly gather at the other tables. A friend from the Aegis Mardi Gras Krewe came in and sat at another table for two on the other side of the restaurant. We greeted her on the way out. I can now choose from entrees with fried tofu. I am in love with the Thai Coconut Milk soup, so I had a cup of that and the Mangoes and sticky rice for dessert. 

I love this version of Coconut Milk soup because it is made with the golden curry instead of the green curry that I use. The spicing was just right, especially when it doesn’t burn the back of my ears. I was driving my own car so I did not partake in an alcoholic beverage but had unsweet tea instead. The Mangoes and sticky rice were wonderful. The dessert is essentially sliced mangoes with a cup full of sticky rice drizzled with sweetened coconut cream and chopped peanuts. The combination of flavors cannot be beat.

I know there is a great deal of construction going on in the downtown area of Ocean Springs, but you need to go in and check out the Thai Coconut Milk Soup either with tofu or two other choices of proteins to suit your fancy.  It is well worth the trip and you will not be disappointed.


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