I will be doing a Diabetes Mentoring Class this Wednesday the 21st of August

I am honored to be asked to be a part of the ten rivers food web prescription program as a guest speaker. I am giving my story about my journey to reversing diabetes. It amazes me how many people just do not understand that the power to change this diagnosis is in their hands. Generally we have all gotten away from eating the way we are supposed to. No one can comprehend that the advertisers do not care about our health but just the bottom line which is money. So if you are sick and taking expensive medications by the handful, it does not matter to them. Why because you are feeding their income.

Before World War 2, we generally were a nation that was malnourished, but after the war, the companies that were making bombs were now making chemicals to spray on food sources. The industrial food revolution was the beginning of our demise as far as our health was concerned.

By eating plant based, you by pass most of the chemicals and toxins that largely embalm any processed food making it unfit for human consumption. You also take control of your own disease ridden body and help it to heal on its own. This scares most of your large corporations that want you sick and dependent on their prescriptions.

Remember nothing is impossible, because the impossible becomes i’m possible.


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