Food as Medicine

Our bodies work systemically, so to treat just one area and ignore the rest seems like the wrong diagnosis and a failure in getting the whole body healthy. If you have watched the Gerson Miracle or Forks over Knives, then you know that the research shows that a whole foods plant based diet is the optimal diet for the human body. Animal products have a high endorsement from the USDA only because of the influences and subsidies going to these particular industries.

Fruits and vegetables are considered specialty items. Processed food is at an all time high. The quality of the processed food is not nutritious at all and you might as well be eating cardboard. If you read the side of the package and it reads like a chemical factory, then a chemical factory needs to eat it.

My favorite juice to drink every morning is the Carrot Apple Juice from the Gerson Therapy book.

Carrot Apple Juice

2 apples

3 carrots organic if possible

Put the washed and quartered ingredients through a juicer. Drink immediately as this juice will separate after it sits for a while.

Dr. Max Gerson recommended a minimum of 13 glasses a day for his patients who were really ill. The nutrients in this simple juice has great healing properties. He also only ate a whole foods plant based diet.

I like to observe what people eat when I am out. It amazes me what passes for food. Your body needs nourishment down to the cell level and most of the food that is available is nutrient deficient and contains too much protein, fat and sugar. Have you ever thought that the reason you are hungry all of the time even after you just finished a supersized meal is because the food you just ingested did not meet your cell level needs.

Life is too short to let your body starve to death and still be over 100 pounds overweight. Do your research and find out why you feel you need to pollute your body every day. Now try out the whole food plant based diet for one week and see if it changes the way you feel every morning.

Happy Eating:)


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